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For the direct or indirect use of registered music for TV broadcasting, the TV stations have the legal obligation to pay remuneration to the Union of Phonogram Producers in Romania, respectively to request and to obtain the non-exclusive license to broadcast phonograms/ videograms published with a commercial scope or their reproductions.

The users are bound to request the license before starting to broadcast.

The TV license is granted by UPFR for 1 year with the possibility to extend the availability by paying the remuneration specified by the Methodology in force.

To use the music within the law, you must have licenses both the collective societies representing the interests of composers, and collective management organizations representing the interests of Performing Artists, according to the regulations of the Law 8/1996 and the Romanian Copyright Office


For online broadcasting services (through computer networks or the Internet) you must obtain another license: Non-exclusive license for the making available phonograms through the Internet, from the Internet license category (click here).

Read the specific Methodology in force here.
Read The procedure to apply for the TV license

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