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Under Law no. 8/1996 amended and supplemented by ORDA Decision no. 232/2011 published in Official Gazette on 29 September 2011 The Union of Phonogram Producers in Romania (UPFR) issues non-exclusive license for public communication of phonograms of trade through online or through mobile services.

The Union of Phonogram Producers in Romania (UPFR) issues licenses for the following activities:
a) online radio,
b) online tv
c) sites with background music.

Nonexclusive license issued by UPFR is non transferable and is granted for a period of three years, and at the express request of the user, for a shorter period for each site that uses online phonograms of commerce.

Obligation to apply for license, rest on users behalf with  at least 10 days before
conducting public communication through online services and mobile commerce phonograms.


It is called "user" for the purposes of this methodology, any person or entity that communicates phonograms of trade to public through online and mobile services and is responsible for the content of the web page.

Contact the Radio-TV & Online Departament

On-line Radio-TV, Elena Dinca


mobil: 0725 800 072

fix: 021 2222043/  int. 125

On-line Radio and sites, Alexandra Bento


mobil: 0725 800 071

fix: 0212222043/int. 126

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