Why to declare your repertoire

For your business as recording company that carries out the activity on Romania’s territory, UPFR is the collecting society where you should register the repertoire. The registration of the repertoire is not mandatory, but it represents an element that works in your benefit.
You can register your repertoire with UPFR regardless if you are a member or not of the Union of Phonogram Producers in Romania.


  • You obtain incomes as result of the use of your repertoire as declared with UPFR, as recording company that has rights related to copyright
  • We quickly distribute the incomes resulting from the use of the recordings to the right holders
  • You contribute to UPFR’s correct and alert identification of the recorded music in the playlists received from radios and televisions

Date de contact:

Ana-Maria Purice -Responsabil Relatia cu Membri/ISRC/Repertoriu
E-mail: anamariapurice@upfr.ro

telefon +40 21 222 20 45
fax +40 21 222 20 43

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