About the International Standard Recording Code (ISRC)

UPFR is appointed sole agency for ISRC in the Romania, regulated through ISO 3901:2001 and assumes all the obligations and rights resulted from this capacity in relation to the International ISRC Agency.
UPFR generates and administers the Repertoire Database with the phonograms declared by the recording companies in Romania, by implementing the International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) system.
Each ISRC is a unique identifier which can be permanently encoded into a sound recording or music video. Encoded ISRC’s can provide the means to automatically identify recordings for revenue payments. It includes information with regard to country of origin, producer, registration year and registration number.
When you record a new music track or a group of tracks, apply for an ISRC code with the Union of Phonogram Producers in Romania. In order to obtain the ISRC code, read the procedure detailed here.
Any recording company in Romania is entitled to request the affiliation to the International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) for the phonograms in its repertoire, regardless if it is no not an UPFR member.
The fee is 10 Ron + VAT/ per attributed ISRC.

The ISRC is formed of: XY (Code of the issuing country)-XZY (the code of the producer)-XY (registration year)-ABCDE (registration number)

  • FR-Z08-99-00860 (France)
  • RO-ROT-07-01703 (Romania)
  • GR-UM7-07-02169 (Greece)

Date de contact:

Ana-Maria Purice -Responsabil Relatia cu Membri/ISRC/Repertoriu
E-mail: anamariapurice@upfr.ro

telefon +40 21 222 20 45
fax +40 21 222 20 43

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