The Union of Phonograms Producers in Romania
Address: 6E Dimitrie Pompeiu Blvd, Sector 2,Floor 11th, Bucharest, Romania - Postal Code 020337
Phone: /46 /47 /48

Work Programme:
Monday-Thursday: 09:00 - 18:00
Friday: 09:00-17:00


Public work programme:

14.04.2017:  09:00- 13:00

Monday-Thursday: 10:00 - 17:00
Friday: 10:00-16:00

Tax Code: RO9670110

Bank accounts UPFR:

  • IBAN RO92RNCB0070153249250001 opened at BCR, Pipera Agency
  • IBAN RO65RNCB0070153249250002 opened at BCR, Pipera Agency (only for private copying payments)
  • IBAN RO66 BRDE 445S V209 7120 4450 opened at BRD, Dorobanti Branch
  • IBAN RO59 BTRL 0480 1205 5516 70XX opened at Banca Transilvania, Chibrit Branch
  • IBAN RO29 BRDE 445S V449 2415 4450 opened at BRD, Dorobanti Branch (only for private copying payments)


Adina Scriosteanu, CEO

Financial Department
Simona Isac, CFO

Legal Department
Av. Andreea Stratula

Collection Department

Bogdan Ionescu, Coordinator

Radio-TV, Online, e-mail
Elena Dinca, Licensing Consultant

Private Copying, e-mail
Sanda Catrina, Licensing Consultant

Cable, e-mail
Daniela Butnaru, Licensing Consultant



Public Performance

Territorial Inspectors


County Inspector E-mail Phone
Special Accounts Inspector Mihai
Scornea +40.725.654.970
Debt Collection Inspector Daniel Ana +40.745.654.980
Debt Collection Inspector Lusiana Buterchi +40.752.063.853
South Regional Coordinator Marius Popescu +40.758.09.09.95
Bucuresti, Ilfov Nina Maraloiu +40.725.926.817
Bucuresti, Ilfov Mihail Nicolae Sandu +40.767.325.896
Bucuresti, Ilfov
Bogdan Musteata +40.759.046.915
Bucuresti, Ilfov
Daniel Hentea +40.723.338.680
Bucuresti, Ilfov Florin Georgescu +40.749.096.887
Bucuresti, Ilfov Ionel Deacu +40.749.097.883
Arges Sebastian Olaru +40.728.536.576
Constanta Laurentiu Despina +40.759.046.920
Constanta Cristina Boboc +40.759.046.921
Calarasi Mihail Nicolae Sandu +40.767.325.896
Dambovita Sebastian Olaru +40.728.536.576
Giurgiu Daniel Hentea +40.723.338.680
Ialomita Ionel Deacu +40.759.046.915
Teleorman Florin Georgescu +40.749.096.887
West Regional Coordinator Iulian Ivancu +40.742.081.969
Alba Silviu Fleser +40.749.097.883
Bihor Daniel Topai +40.743.769.223
Cluj Bogdan Naghi +40.759.046.911

Dolj Gabriel Popescu +40.732.104.068
Gorj Gabriel Popescu +40.732.104.068
Hunedoara Remus Negrila +40.759.046.922
Maramures Daniel Pop +40.735.085.262
Mehedinti Stela Constantinescu +40.749.097.863
Olt Gabriel Popescu +40.732.104.068
Salaj Daniel Topai +40.743.769.223
Timis Alexandru Albulescu +40.749.097.867
Timis Claudia Carpeanu +40.755.096.303
Sibiu Adrian Antonie +40.759.046.913
Sibiu Radu Otoiu +40.749.097.879
Valcea Bogdan Ruiu +40.755.096.300
Satu Mare Sorin Salajean


East Regional Coordinator Manuel Chetran +40.759.046.914
Bacau Marius Agapi +40.759.046.918
Brasov Nicusor Pamfile +40.729.324.958
Brasov Zelenyak Lucia-Constanta +40.759.046.912
Braila Dorian Mocanu +40.752.027.919
Galati Dorian Mocanu +40.752.027.919
Harghita Abraham Katalin +40.744.151.506
Iasi Artur Wagner +40.759.046.910
Iasi Anca Mihaela Giciu +40.759.046.916
Mures Bogdan Bompa +40.759.046.917
Neamt Marius Agapi +40.759.046.918
Prahova Misu Floares +40.761.442.786
Suceava Remus Merticaru +40.759.046.919
Tulcea Dorian Mocanu +40.752.027.919
Vrancea Florin Hristache +40.760.986.571



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