The Union of Phonograms Producers in Romania

Adress: Pipera Business Tower, B-dul Dimitrie Pompeiu nr. 6E, Etaj 11, Bucuresti, Sector 2, Cod Postal 020337
Phone: /46 /47 /48


Tax code: RO9670110

Bank Accounts UPFR:

  • IBAN RO92RNCB0070153249250001 opened at BCR, Pipera Agency
  • IBAN RO65RNCB0070153249250002 opened at BCR, Pipera Agency (only for private copying payments)
  • IBAN RO66 BRDE 445S V209 7120 4450 opened at BRD, Dorobanti Branch
  • IBAN RO59 BTRL 0480 1205 5516 70XX opened at Banca Transilvania, Chibrit Branch
  • IBAN RO29 BRDE 445S V449 2415 4450 opened at BRD, Dorobanti Branch (only for private copying payments)


Public work programme:

Monday-Thursday: 09:00 - 17:00

Friday: 09:00-16:00

Adina Scriosteanu, CEO

Financial Department
Simona Isac, CFO

Legal Department
Av. Andreea Stratula

Collection Department

Bogdan Ionescu, Coordinator

Radio-TV, Online, e-mail
Elena Dinca, Licensing Consultant

Private Copying, e-mail
Sanda Catrina, Licensing Consultant

Cable, e-mail
Daniela Butnaru, Licensing Consultant


Public performance

Field Inspectors


Area Inspector E-mail Phone
Inspector Conturi Speciale Mihai Scornea +40.725.654.970
Inspector Recuperare Debite Daniel Ana +40.745.654.980
Inspector Recuperare Debite Lusiana Buterchi +40.752.063.853
South Regional Coordonator
Marius Popescu +40.758.09.09.95
Bucuresti, Ilfov Nina Maraloiu +40.725.926.817
Bucuresti, Ilfov Mihail Nicolae Sandu +40.748.167.270
Bucuresti, Ilfov
Bogdan Musteata +40.759.046.915
Bucuresti, Ilfov
Daniel Hentea +40.723.338.680
Bucuresti, Ilfov Florin Georgescu +40.749.096.887
Bucuresti, Ilfov Ionel Deacu +40.749.097.883
Arges Sebastian Olaru +40.728.536.576
Calarasi Mihail Nicolae Sandu +40.748.167.270
Constanta Cristina Boboc +40.759.046.921
Dambovita Sebastian Olaru +40.728.536.576
Giurgiu Daniel Hentea +40.723.338.680
Ialomita Ionel Deacu +40.749.097.883
Teleorman Florin Georgescu +40.749.096.887
Regional Coordonator Iulian Ivancu +40.742.081.969
Alba Silviu Fleser +40.759.046.924
Arad Remus Negrila +40.759.046.922
Bihor Daniel Topai +40.743.769.223
Bistrita-Nasaud Bogdan Naghi +40.759.046.911
Caras Severin Alexandru Albulescu +40.749.097.867
Caras Severin Claudia Carpeanu +40.755.096.303
Cluj Bogdan Naghi +40.759.046.911

Dolj Gabriel Popescu +40.732.104.068
Gorj Gabriel Popescu +40.732.104.068
Hunedoara Remus Negrila +40.759.046.922
Maramures Daniel Pop +40.735.085.262
Mehedinti Stela Constantinescu +40.749.097.863
Olt Gabriel Popescu +40.732.104.068
Salaj Daniel Topai +40.743.769.223
Sibiu Adrian Antonie +40.757.421.294
Sibiu Radu Otoiu +40.749.097.879
Satu Mare Sorin Salajean +40.755.096.302
Timis Alexandru Albulescu +40.749.097.867
Timis Claudia Carpeanu +40.755.096.303
Valcea sorin Mateescu +40.755.096.300
EST Regional Coordonator Manuel Chetran +40.759.046.914
Bacau Marius Agapi +40.759.046.918
Botosani Stefan Pojar +40.759.046.919
Braila Dorian Mocanu +40.752.027.919
Brasov Nicusor Pamfile +40.749.097.863
Buzau Florin Hristache
Galati Dorian Mocanu +40.752.027.919
Harghita Abraham Katalin +40.744.151.506
Iasi Manuel Chetran +40.759.046.914
Mures Bogdan Bompa +40.759.046.917
Neamt Marius Agapi +40.759.046.918
Prahova Misu Floares +40.761.442.786
Suceava Stefan Pojar +40.759.046.919
Tulcea Dorian Mocanu +40.752.027.919
Vrancea Florin Hristache +40.748.167.628



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