Cable retransmission. Details

According to ORDA Decision no. 79/2014 starting with 31 July 2014, UPFR was appointed as been collecting society so it collects remuneration afferent to cable retransmission for the rights related to copyright, owned by recording companies.

Any user in this category must apply for the license before commencing the retransmission. Having a non-exclusive license granted by a collecting society does not exclude the user’s legal duty to obtain a license from all the collecting societies that represent other rights holders mentioned by the law.

Read the Methodology in force.

Terms as defined by the Methodology:
Usage – “Within the meaning of the present methodology, by usage we understand the simultaneous genuine integrate retransmission through wire, cable, optical fibre or any other similar means, or through a radiobroadcast system with ultra-short waves, in order for the public to receive the initial transmission, with or without wire, satellite, including digital system, of radiobroadcast and/or television program services that broadcast music and cinema works or other audiovisual works, written works, visual arts works, videos and music to the public. (Methodology established through ORDA Decision No. 327/2010 P.1)

User – “The user, within the meaning of the present methodology, is the natural or legal person that carries out retransmission activities through cable or satellite, including digital system, as defined in point 1. ” (Methodology established through ORDA Decision No. 327/2010 P.2)

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