The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of UPFR, according to the General Assembly Decision no.7225 / 27.03.2019:

  1. Amma Music&Sound
  2. Cat Music
  3. Green Tree Records – Warner Music
  4. Global Records
  5. HA HA HA Production
  6. Media Pro Music Entertainment
  7. Media Services International
  8. Roton
  9. Universal Music România

Special Permanent Commission on access to information:

  1. Andra Records
  2. Studio 47 MS
  3. Schubert Music Publishing
  4. Universal Music Publishing
  5. Quantum Music Records

Regulation of organization and functioning of the Special Standing Committee (open)

Supervisory Board

  1. Big Man Impex
  2. Kemper Music Production
  3. MBA Digital


Lali Consult SRL represented by Mrs. Cristina Iorga