Bank Accounts

BCR Pipera

IBAN RO92 RNCB 0070 1532 4925 0001
IBAN RO65 RNCB 0070 1532 4925 0002 (only for payments for Private Copy)

BT, 1 Mai

IBAN RO59 BTRL 0480 1205 5516 70XX

Regional Inspectors

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Area Județ Inspector Mail Phone
Bucharest Area Bucharest, Ilfov Nina Maraloiu +40.725.926.817
Bucharest Area Bucharest, Sector 1, Ilfov Bogdan Musteaţa +40.759.046.915
Bucharest Area Bucharest, Sector 2, Ilfov George Vija +40.757.091.004
Bucharest Area Bucharest, Sector 3, Ilfov Ionel Deacu +40.749.097.883
Bucharest Area Bucharest, Sector 4, Ilfov Marius Popescu +40.758.090.995
Bucharest Area Bucharest, Sector 5, Ilfov Marius Popescu +40.758.090.995
Bucharest Area Bucharest, Sector 6, Ilfov Florin Georgescu +40.749.096.887
Bucharest Area Călărași Marius Popescu +40.758.090.995
Bucharest Area Giurgiu Florin Georgescu +40.749.096.887
Bucharest Area Ialomița Ionel Deacu +40.749.097.883
Bucharest Area Teleorman Florin Georgescu +40.749.096.887
South Area Argeș Marius Cîrjan +40.759.046.916
South Area Dâmbovița Marius Cîrjan +40.759.046.916
South Area Caraș-Severin Remus Negrilă +40.759.046.922
South Area Constanța George Popa +40.759.046.920
South Area Dolj Gabriel Popescu +40.732.104.068
South Area Gorj Sorin Mateescu +40.755.096.300
South Area Hunedoara Remus Negrilă +40.759.046.922
South Area Mehedinți Gabriel Popescu +40.732.104.070
South Area Olt Gabriel Popescu +40.732.104.070
South Area Sibiu Adrian Antonie +40.757.421.294
South Area Sibiu Radu Oţoiu +40.749.097.879
South Area Timiș Claudia Cârpeanu +40.755.096.303
South Area Vâlcea Sorin Mateescu +40.755.096.300
West Area Alba Silviu Fleșer +40.759.046.924
West Area Arad Florin Andrica +40.759.046.923
West Area Bihor Daniel Topai +40.743.769.223
West Area Bihor Laurențiu Cucui +40.759.046.913
West Area Bistrița-Năsăud Cristian Petran +40.757.029.272
West Area Cluj Cristian Petran +40.757.029.272
West Area Cluj Cristina Soporan +40.757.028.643
West Area Maramureș Ionel Lupan +40.759.046.910
West Area Mureș Edwald Weinraub +40.759.046.917
West Area Sălaj Sorin Sălăjean +40.755.096.302
West Area Sălaj Daniel Topai +40.743.769.224
West Area Satu Mare Sorin Sălăjean +40.755.096.302
East Area Bacău Marius Agapi +40.759.046.918
East Area Botoșani Stefan Pojar +40.759.046.919
East Area Brăila Dorian Mocanu +40.752.027.919
East Area Brașov Nicuşor Pamfile +40.749.097.863
East Area Brașov Adina Gabor +40.759.046.912
East Area Buzău Florin Hristache +40.748.167.628
East Area Covasna Nicuşor Pamfile +40.749.097.863
East Area Galați Dorian Mocanu +40.752.027.919
East Area Harghita Abraham Katalin +40.744.151.506
East Area Iași Aurel Stanicz +40.757.100.550
East Area Neamț Marius Agapi +40.759.046.918
East Area Prahova Mişu Floareş +40.743.165.278
East Area Prahova Mihai Bosneanu +40.743.165.307
East Area Suceava Stefan Pojar +40.759.046.919
East Area Tulcea Dorian Mocanu +40.752.027.919
East Area Vaslui Stefan Pojar +40.759.046.919
East Area Vrancea Florin Hristache +40.748.167.628

Regional Coordinators


Bogdan Naghi Regional Coordonator

Romania, West Area



Iulian Ivancu Regional Coordonator

Romania, South Area



Marius Popescu Regional Coordonator

Romania, Bucharest Area



Manuel Chetran Regional Coordonator

Romania, East Area