Licensing of public performance for lucrative purpose


UPFR grants licenses for Public performance with a lucrative scope to legal persons and freelancers for each activity and work site in which music is used. The license is not transferable. You can opt for a validity period of up to one year, with the possibility to extend it.

This license is appropriate if the registered music or videos are used as main resource into your activity (show, disco, club, bar, cabaret, dance activities, dance clubs, nightclub bar, videotheque, rhythmic gymnastics, gym, aerobics, zumba aerobic, kangoo jumpetc). The license grants you the right to play music in closed or open spaces, where the public has access to and which are mentioned in the license.

Before making use of registered music/ videos, you are legally bound to request this specific license from UPFR, which acts as a collecting society for the rights related to copyright that the recording companies own.

The procedure for obtaining a license for a lucrative purpose (click here)

For further information please refer to the ORDA decisions below:

ORDA Decision 6/2022

ORDA Decision 60/2019

ORDA Decision 120/2016

ORDA Decision 23/2016

ORDA Decision 10/2016

ORDA Decision 99/2015

ORDA Decision 189/2013

ORDA Decision 399/2006

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Specific regulations for lucrative license

The methodology in force for lucrative purposes Methodology for collecting remuneration – ORDA Decision no. 6/2022, ublished in the Official

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Fee amount for the license for the use of lucrative music

The value of the fee depends on the type of activity in which the music is used, of the rural/urban

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Types of lucrative users

The license License for Public Performance with lucrative use shall be requested for the following activities: Different type of events,

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The procedure for obtaining a license for a lucrative purpose

Fill out the Agreement (download the Agreement and the Annexes) and read the Instructions for filling out the agreement. Send