List of videograms being identified

Here’s a list of videograms being identified from user playlists. If you hold the related rights in the territory of Romania, for the periods specified below, you can claim the videograms that are part of your repertoire. In the revenue sharing process, UPFR makes its distribution based on user playlists and repertoires declared by the  producers at UPFR. Since these two databases show some differences, given the incomplete reporting mode used in some playlists, UPFR periodically generates the list of tracks being identified.

Unique playlist unidentified, TV POP-ROCK

Data available at 29.12.2020: Q1, Q2, Q3 2020 (click here)
Data available at 02.06.2020: Year 2019 (click here)

Unique playlist unidentified, TV PARTY-FOLKLORE

Data available at 18.12.2020: Q1, Q2, Q3 (click here)
Data available at 02.06.2020 Year 2019 (click here)

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