Procedure for obtaining the radio license

  1. Fill out the Request for license (download the Form).
  2. Send the signed and stamped request and a copy of the documents listed in the Request (proof of the user’s legal personality – Unique Registration Code; Radiobroadcast License issued by the National Audiovisual Council – CNA; the decision for audiovisual authorization from CNA; extract from the statute of the user that evinces the activity class; Radiobroadcast License issued by ANCOM – National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority) to UPFR, Radio-TV Department, 6E Dimitrie Pompeiu Blvd, Pipera Business Tower, 11th Floor, Bucharest.
  3. You will receive two originals of the License signed and stamped by UPFR, after the receving of documents the users will send back to UPFR a singed and stamp copy;
  4. Send the reports on a periodical basis, respectively pay the remuneration at the terms established in the methodology and the license terms.


The user’s legal obligation:

  • Ask before broadcasting phonograms for the emission of a nonexclusive license of trade, to those who were published for commercial purposes or reproductions of them
  • Submit the playlist (download excel)
  • Monthly, you have to send us the base (the total monthly gross income or, in their absence, the total expences) and the share of the use of phonograms for the previous month (percentage of commercial phonograms and percentage of the phonograms published for commercial purposes).

Informații utile:

The amount of the fee to obtain the radio license

The amount of remuneration for the station is determined according to the methodology in force, published in Official Gazette Nr.

Procedure for obtaining the radio license

Fill out the Request for license (download the Form). Send the signed and stamped request and a copy of the

Specific regulations for Radio Broadcast

Methodology valid starting with 05.07.2011 Methodology regarding the remuneration owed to music interpreters or performers and music producers for broadcasting