Upload the list of phonograms being identified

    After uploading the files you will receive an automatic email. Please also check the spam inbox.

    Steps to follow

    1. Download and fill the affidavit (click here)
    2. Download and fill the file for phonograms being identified (click here)
    3. Upload the affidavit and the file using the form from the left

    In order to be able to allocate the phonograms you have identified you must not change the names of the pieces or artists!

    Please fill in the unidentified files on the “LABEL” column (column E of the excel file; please fill in ONLY this column) the name of the recording label you represent, for the phonograms for which you own the related rights.

    Please respect the deadlines for file return, otherwise they will not be considered for the usual distribution!

    At the same time, we specify that the files with phonograms that are being allocated are not final, but will be updated after receiving and uploading in the distribution software the unidentified files processed, returned by the producers.

    To consult the list of phonograms being identified, visit the dedicated page (click here).

    For other appointments, you can contact us at +40.725.525.862 or by email at anamaria.purice@upfr.ro

    Thank you!