The procedure for obtaining a license for a lucrative purpose

  1. Fill out the Agreement (download the Agreement and the Annexes) and read the Instructions for filling out the agreement.
  2. Send the Agreement signed and stamped in 2 copies to the Public Performance Department (Union of Phonogram Producers in Romania, 6E Dimitrie Pompeiu Bvld, Pipera Business Tower, 11th Floor, District 2, Bucharest) or to the inspector that is responsible for your county. You will receive a copy of the agreement signed and stamped by UPFR.
  3. You will receive a payment notification letter issued according to the data filled out by you on the statement or agreement. The initial value to be paid is the minimum amount specified by the methodology. The differences reported by the Financial reports shall be subsequently invoiced.
  4. Pay the remuneration specified in the Payment notification letter.

The payment shall be performed in maximum 5 days since receiving the Payment notification letter:

  1. Through OP in UPFR account – IBAN RO92RNCB0070153249250001 opened at BCR, Pipera branch, on UPFR-IBAN account RO59BTRL04801205551670XX opened at 1 May Bank branch in Banca Transilvania (do not forget to specify on the OP series and the Notification of Payment) or in UPFR-IBAN account RO66BRDE445SV20971204450 open at BRD – Dorobanti Branch
  2. By depositing cash at any BRD or BT branch in the UPFR accounts specified above (do not forget to specify the series and the Notification of Payout number)
  3. Cash payment to the UPFR Inspectors – in the counties where we have Inspectors who have receipts; you will receive a receipt from the Inspector at the time of payment.
  4. Cash payment at UPFR Headquarters in Bucharest, 6E Dimitrie Pompeiu Boulevard, Sector 1.

You will receive an original License. UPFR emite sau prelungeşte Licenţa UPFR issues or extends the non-exclusive license starting with the payment date. UPFR issues the license only after completing the payment mentioned at step 4. (If you wish to extend your license, you should request this 5 days prior to the expiry date)


If you pay according to item 4 above and you do not receive the receipt or if you have not received your tax invoice, please contact us by phone at, fax or email

Additional steps:

  1. Fill out and send to UPFR the Financial report afferent to the licensed period, in the first 5 days of the following month of the expiry, in order to calculate the differences that result from the percentage value (dowload the Financial report form).
  2. You will receive a Payment notification letter or an Invoice for the payment difference. Make the payment for the value specified.


You can submit the Financial Report online as scanned document after the original one which has been stamped and signed. You can send the original one afterwards through mail or courier, or you can personally deliver it to UPFR on Dimitrie Pomepiu 6E Blvd, District 1, Bucharest or hand it over to the UPFR inspector responsible for your county.


Useful informations:

Specific regulations for lucrative license

The methodology in force for lucrative purposes Methodology for collecting remuneration – ORDA Decision no. 6/2022, ublished in the Official

Fee amount for the license for the use of lucrative music

The value of the fee depends on the type of activity in which the music is used, of the rural/urban

Types of lucrative users

The license License for Public Performance with lucrative use shall be requested for the following activities: Different type of events,

The procedure for obtaining a license for a lucrative purpose

Fill out the Agreement (download the Agreement and the Annexes) and read the Instructions for filling out the agreement. Send