For your business as recording company that carries out the activity on Romania’s territory, UPFR is the collecting society where you should register the repertoire. The registration of the repertoire is not mandatory, but it represents an element that works in your benefit.
You can register your repertoire with UPFR regardless if you are a member or not of the Union of Phonogram Producers in Romania.


  • You obtain incomes as result of the use of your repertoire as declared with UPFR, as recording company that has rights related to copyright
  • We quickly distribute the incomes resulting from the use of the recordings to the right holders
  • You contribute to UPFR’s correct and alert identification of the recorded music in the playlists received from radios and televisions

PROCEDURE of declaring REPERTORY by any music producer, member or non-member UPFR (download)

A producer of phonograms may request distribution for the related rights due only upon the declaration of the repertoire and signing the contract management related rights (non members), in accordance with the law.


1.Evince your Recording Company/Exclusive Licensee status in Romania.

Evince your status as recording company or as exclusive licensee in Romania with:

  • Certified copies of the company legal documents, that confirm your capacity of recording company
  • If you are the licensee for an international catalogue, the certified translation of the agreement concluded with the abroad recording company shall be presented, in order to evince your capacity of exclusive representative on Romania’s territory, authorized to collect the property rights related to that catalogue and, respectively, the expiration date of this agreement.

Remark: If you have previously submitted these supporting documents to UPFR, then skip Step 1.

2.Submit your Repertoire

Submit to UPFR the following documents:

  • The repertoire in excel format on two copies on CD or DVD, with a closed writing session (download form). Rules to fill in the repertorire of phonograms (click here)
  • The Repertoire delivery-receipt Protocol for the two electronic copies of the Repertoire, signed (download the Delivery-Receipt Protocol)
  • The Affidavit by which you declare yourself as right holder over the registered repertoire, one signed  copy (download the Form)

You can submit the repertoire also by email or by filling in the online form. More informations you can find here.

*The stamp is not mandatory on the documents above!

Attention: Respect the format of the forms and fill out all the required fields in order to avoid the delay of the acceptance process for the declared Repertoire.


3. The examination of submitted documents

If all documents are filled out and accurate, your catalogue shall be registered with the UPFR Repertoire Database.
If the submitted documents are inconsistent/lack data, you shall be contacted by the UPFR representative in order to resume Step 2. The phonograms/ videograms declared into your repertoire shall be registered with UPFR’s database and taken into consideration only after the Registration form has been accurately filled out and after clarifying all the identified missing data/ inconsistencies.

4.Examination and settlement of the disputes

The UPFR’s process coordinator for registration of the repertoire shall inform (in writing) the members/non-members of UPFR with regard to any identified conflict into UPFR’s Repertoire Database, in order to be settled. The conflicts unsettled until a remuneration distribution deadline occurs shall be postponed for the next wave of distribution of revenues to the right holders.
In case of a conflict of rights on regard to phonograms from the local repertoire, the right holders (recording companies) shall have to make proof of the products on which the registered titles (phonograms) are to be found, in any of the standard marketed formats (CD, MC, DVD, etc.)
In case of a conflict of right on regard to phonograms from the international repertoire, the licensee will have to submit the certified translation of the representation contract for Romania for examination, where the statement with regard to the representation of the related rights must be explicit.

5.Updating the repertoire

On a quarterly basis, the recording companies having the repertoire registered with UPFR are obliged to update it. The repertoire is updated by stating the music tracks that have been removed or added from/to the producer’s repertoire in the same excel format used to register the repertoire (download Repertoire declaration form)