Types of licences for Public Performance

According to the ORDA Decision no. 399/2006, the U.P.F.R is named the collector of the remuneration due to phonogram producers for the public communication of phonograms.

According to the ORDA Decision no. 6/2016, the U.P.F.R collects the remuneration due to the authors of cinematographic works and other audiovisual works for the public communication of these works.

In order to obtain the permits issued by UPFR for the public communication of phonograms, for the reproduction of phonograms and / or for the public communication of the audiovisual works, you will have to complete a contract (download the Contract and the Appendix and see the Completion Instructions).

Depending on the way you use the music (as background or for lucrative scope), you should apply for one of the first two license categories issued by UPFR. Both types of license offer the right to play music in public spaces (closed or open), regardless of the performance method, by use of mechanical, electro-acoustic or digital means (sound system, equipment for playing sound or audiovisual works, radio receptors or televisions, laptop, memory stick, etc).

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In order to use the music in accordance with the law, you must obtain licenses from the collecting societies which manage the rights of composers as well as performers and phonograms and videograms producers, in accordance with Law 8/1996 and with the regulations of ORDA.


Public Performance

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Non-exclusive License for Public performance with background use

It is specific to the users that play music in order to create a pleasant background, and thus enhancing their business.

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Non-exclusive License for Public performance with lucrative use

It is specific to the users that play music as an essential resource in their activity (show, club, bar, cabaret, pub, etc.)

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License for dubbing - duplicating phonograms published with a commercial scope

Destined exclusively for public performance with a background or lucrative use

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Non-exclusive license for use of DACIN SARA

Audiovisual repertoire for public performance

Apply for License

Fill out the form

Apply online for a Public Performance License

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Collaboration Protocols

We also remind you that UPFR has signed collaboration protocols with

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For information exchange.

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For collecting of fees regarding the use of audiovisual and cinematographic works in public performance.

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Based on the protocol concluded with ADPFR dated 04.12.2015, UPFR collects the remuneration from the public communication and for ADPFR, as a representative OGC, being the sure collector for the phonogram producers.