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DACIN-SARA public communication license

License for the use of cinematographic and other audiovisual works is granted by UPFR and given for legal entities and individuals authorized for each activity and workstation that use music in public. The license is not transferable. You can opt for a period of validity up to 1 year with possibility of extension.

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License Details

UPFR offers licenses for cinematographic and other audiovisual works on behalf of DACIN-SARA, based on ORDA Decision no.34/2024, ORDA Decision no. 36/2023, ORDA Decision no. 6/2016 on the publication in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I of the Protocol designating common collector for environmental public communication of audiovisual works, between copyright Cinematography and Audiovisual Romanian Audiovisual Authors Society (DACIN SARA) and the Union of Producers phonograms in Romania (UPFR). View here

As a user you are legally required to apply for cinematographic licenses and other audiovisual works from UPFR, who is a collecting society and collects on behalf of DACIN-SARA.

For more details please check Methodology in effect.

General legal system

Useful information

Methodology for Public Communication DACIN-SARA, ORDA Decision no.34/2024, ORDA Decision No. 36/2023, ORDA Decision No. 173/2007, published in the Official Gazette no. 298 from 04/05/2007. Click here

Public Communication repertoire license of films and other audiovisual works can be requested by users for the following activities:

1. Restaurants, bars, coffee shops, tea houses, beer houses, fast food restaurants, rotisseries, pizza restaurants, shawarma stalls, wine cellars, confectioneries, games halls, ball rooms, weeding rooms;

2. Accommodation establishments (hostel, motel, hotel, camps, holiday settlement, camping area)

The list of users and the fees are extracted from the ORDA Decision No. 36/2023, ORDA Decision No. 173/2007.

If you are aware of non-compliant users, please respectfully inform us and UPFR will take the necessary action.

1. Fill out the Agreement (download The agreement and the Annexes) and read the Instructions for filling out the agreement.

2. Send the Agreement signed and stamped in 2 copies to the Public Performance Department (Union of Phonogram Producers in Romania, 6E Dimitrie Pompeiu Blvd.,  Bucharest) or to the inspector that is responsible for your county. You will receive a copy of the agreement signed and stamped by UPFR.

3. You will receive a payment notification letter issued according to the data filled out on the statement or agreement.

4. Pay the remuneration specified in the Payment notification letter.

The payment shall be done in 5 days since receiving the Payment notification:

1. Through the OP in the UPFR account – IBAN RO92RNCB0070153249250001, opened at BCR, Pipera Branch, in UPFR-IBAN account RO59BTRL04801205551670XX opened at Banca Transilvania 1 Mai Branch (do not forget to specify on the OP number and Payment Notification) or UPFR-IBAN account RO66BRDE445SV20971204450 opened at BRD – Dorobanti Branch

2. By depositing cash at any branch of BCR, BRD or BT on UPFR accounts specified above (do not forget to specify the series and the Notification of Payout number)

3. Cash payment to the UPFR Inspectors – in the counties where we have Inspectors who have receipts; you will receive a receipt from the Inspector at the time of payment

4. Cash payment at UPFR headquarters in Bucharest, 6D Dimitrie Pompeiu Boulevard, Pipera Business Tower

You will receive an original License. UPFR issues or extends the non-exclusive license starting with the payment date. UPFR issues the license only after completing the payment mentioned at step 4. (If you wish to extend your license, you should request this 5 days prior to the expiry date.)

Attention! If you pay according to item 4 above and you do not receive the receipt or if you have not received your tax invoice, please contact us by phone at, fax or email ambiental@upfr.ro

Remuneration value for the license to use of public communication repertoire of films and other audiovisual works.
The value of the fee depends on the type of activity in which the music is used, of the rural urban area of the work site and other criteria. The VAT in force on the date of the payment shall be added to the mentioned fees. Open the attached document for each type of activity and consult the fees.

The remunerations afferent to the UPFR license are established through the ORDA Decision 36/2023, ORDA Decision 173/2007.

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Other Types of Licenses

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Private Copy

Private Copy Remuneration

As of 2009,acording to ORDA Decision 86/2009, UPFR has been appointed by ORDA as the sole collecting society for private copying for audiovisual works.

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Cable Retransmission

Cable Retransmission License

According to ORDA Decision no. 79/2014 starting with 31 July 2014, UPFR was appointed as been collecting society so it collects remuneration afferent to cable retransmission for the rights related to copyright, owned by recording companies.

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Radio License

According to the ORDA Decision no. 12/2012, the U.P.F.R is named the collector of the remuneration due to the producers of phonograms for their broadcasting by the broadcasting organizations.

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TV License

According to the ORDA Decision no. 154/2012, the U.P.F.R is named the collector of the remuneration due to the producers of phonograms for the broadcasting by the television bodies of the phonograms.

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Ce este BMAT Vericast?

BMAT este companie de renume specializată în servicii de monitorizare a muzicii difuzate de posturile radio și TV (și nu numai, inclusiv alte servicii unde muzica este utilizată în domeniul ambiental), acoperind atât cataloage naționale, cât și internaționale.

Conform deciziei AGA nr. 9114/23.06 2021, incepand cu 01.07.2021, UPFR utilizeaza rapoartele de monitorizare BMAT in distributia remuneratiilor colectate. In acest caz este important ca repertoriul dumneavoastra sa fie amprentat in baza de date BMAT.

Pe de o parte, procesul de amprentare este unul gratuit ce presupune un efort minim din partea dumneavoastra, pe de alta parte de el depinde gradul de identificare al repertoriului dumneavoastra cat si banii distribuiti de UPFR, in perioada urmatoare, in baza acestui repertoriu.

Rapoartele de monitorizare pentru aceste canale vor fi incarcate in sistemul de distributie, iar datele din aceste rapoarte vor fi comparate cu baza de date Repertoriu din gestiunea UPFR.

Astfel, pentru a avea o identificare cat mai buna a fonogramelor, va rugam sa amprentati  in baza de date BMAT fonogramele ale caror drepturi le detineti.

Pentru realizarea procesului de amprentare, BMAT ofera mai multe solutii, diferentiate in functie de categoriile si numarul de fonograme, solutii enumerate mai jos:

  • - Amprentare prin Vericast Upload (gratuit, pentru toti producatorii)
  • - Amprentare prin FTP (doar pentru producatorii care detin un abonament Vericast)*

*Amprentarea prin FTP este recomandata pentru producatorii care detin cataloage mari si se poate efectua si prin intermediul UPFR (gratuit) sub conditia ca fiecare producator sa puna la dispozitia UPFR fisierele audio si fisierul excel completat cu metadatele corespunzatoare.

Vezi beneficiile utilizarii serviciilor platite Vericast BMAT (click aici).

Amprentarea se realizeaza in conturi distincte, in functie de tipul fonogramei amprentate (fonograma de comert sau fonograma publicata in scop comercial/librarie muzicala).

Daca detineti ambele tipuri de conturi, autentificati-va cu contul specific, in functie de tipul fonogramelor pe care doriti sa le amprentati.

In cazul in care nu mai cunoasteti datele de conectare va rugam sa ne contactati prin email.

Proceduri de amprentare prin Vericast Upload:

Pentru nelamuriri legate de procesul de amprentare va rugam sa ne contactati prin email la adresa mihai.lungu@upfr.ro sau telefonic la numarul 0731.000.432.

UPFR monitorizeaza principalele posturi Radio si TV din Romania. Lista posturilor monitorizate de UPFR poate fi consultata AICI!

Daca nu ai un cont de amprentare creat, te rugam sa soliciti crearea unui cont prin completarea formularului de mai jos:

Program de lucru

In perioada 01.06.2023 – 05.06.2023, activitatea UPFR se va desfasura dupa urmatorul program:

  • – Joi, 1 iunie, inchis
  • – Vineri, 2 iunie, doar online
  • – Luni, 5 iunie, inchis


Incepand de Marti, 6 iunie se revine la programul normal.

Va multumim!


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