Personal Data Protection

According to the legal provisions, such as the European Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data no. 679/2016, Union of Romanian Producers of Phonograms (UPFR), with headquarters in Bucharest, 6E Dimitrie Pompeiu Boulevard, Pipera Business Tower, Sector 2, with C.I.F. 9670110, fiscal attribute RO, has the obligation to administer safely and for the specified purposes only, the personal data you provide to us or another person, such as your employee or collaborator.

UPFR collects and processes data for the sole purpose of its activity in the field of copyright and related rights. Thus, UPFR is entitled to process personal data for one or several of the following purposes: collective management of the economic copyright or related rights of the phonogram producers, of the authors of audiovisual works and of all the right holders for whom it is appointed the sole collector  of the remunerations owed by the users in accordance with Law no. 8/1996 republished, such as: the sole collector for private copy, cable retransmission of phonograms, public communication of phonograms, television or radio broadcasting of phonograms, for which it issues authorizations / licenses for the use of phonograms, identifies the users of phonograms, monitors their activity regarding the use of phonograms, performs the economic, financial and administrative management of the amounts collected and distributed to the right holders, carries out commercial communications with users in order to conclude and perform contracts.

UPFR is also entitled to process personal data for the purpose of conducting marketing research among users regarding the type of music and the channels of music they use, which UPFR needs in order to ensure a correct distribution of the amounts collected to its members, phonograms producers.

If you are a natural person user, we will be able to process data that belongs to you, such as name and surname, address, no. phone, email, bank account, signature, and if you are a legal person, we will be able to process data from your legal representatives or your employees, such as your name, surname, email, phone or function.

If the User creates an account in the Online Platform provided by UPFR and where the User can see the status of his license, billing contract or invoices and payments, then data can be processed, data such as username, password, IP, type of browser used, device type.

If you are a person who wants to know about our activity or wants to contact us for any other purpose, by email, fax or telephone, for the purpose of carrying out commercial communications with you, we will process the data you will disclose to us, such as name and surname, function, email, phone, fax, etc. and we will process them to respond or for the reason that you contact us.

The legal basis of the data processing is the execution of the contract (Article 6 paragraph 1 letter b) of Regulation 679/2016, but also the necessity of fulfilling the legal obligations of UPFR (Article 6 paragraph 1 letter c), and if you come into contact with us for any other purpose or in the situation of market research, is our legitimate interest in responding (Article 6 paragraph 1 letter b) of Regulation 679/2016).

The data that the UPFR collects will be processed during the achievement of the purpose, as mentioned above, respectively during and after the contractual relationship, for the period of time that its rights have to be defended in case of a litigation, for the period required by the financial- accounting until you have finished communicating with you.

UPFR employees have access to their personal data, as well as the Online Provider provided by the UFPR to the User. Personal data may be disclosed to public authorities or courts of law in the event of a dispute or other service providers who, for their provision, will have access to personal data. Also, in order to conduct market studies, personal data will be made available to market research service providers for the purpose of conducting them.

We will ensure in all circumstances that the data provided to them will be strictly necessary for them to fulfill their contractual obligations and only until the provision of these services is completed.

Because UPFR wants the data it holds to be updated, users are asked to inform the UPFR about any changes made to their data.

In the event you contact us, if the reason for correspondence between us involves the transmission of personal data about you or other persons you agree to, UPFR will recommend that you minimize the transmission of personal data in your email body , rather by incorporating this data into a document you can password protect  and then send it to us by email, You will also send us by sms, telephone or other (not email)  the password for the file. We will do the same in the same way when we transmit personal data to you.

As a data subject, you have the following rights: the right of access to data, the right to request rectification or deletion, to request restriction of processing, to oppose processing, the right to portability of data, and the right to address a complaint to the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing, Bdul. General Gheorghe Magheru 28-30, sector 1,, tel: 0212525599; email:

Please note that when certain data is processed for the performance of the contract or because the legal provisions require it, your exercise of the right to oppose data processing or the right to restrict the processing or deletion of the data could lead to the impossibility of executing to us of our contractual obligations or even of the legal provisions. We will specifically inform you of these issues when we receive a request from you to exercise any of your legal rights.

To the extent that we would like to provide you with information about the services and events offered by UPFR, we will provide you with a link  through which you will be asked and you will be able to choose if you wish, to receive such information, either by email or by sms. Every time you receive such information, you will have the opportunity to unsubscribe in an equally easy way and at your fingertips.

In order to exercise any of your rights, you may address us with a written request, dated and signed at the Union of Romanian Producers of Phonograms (UPFR), with headquarters in Bucharest, 6D Dimitrie Pompeiu Boulevard, Pipera Business Tower, Sector 2 or at email address