I want to become a member

You may apply for membership and become an UPFR member if you are a legal person or a freelancer and:

  1. Make proof that you are the right holder of related rights over the phonograms that appear in the playlists of radios and TVs, for at least one year before submitting the request to join UPFR, between two General Meetings of the Members;
  2. Declare to UPFR, using requested forms, Procedure for registering the catalogue);
  3. Grant to UPFR the mandate to manage your rights, within the statutory limits and the Regulations in force, for the rights foreseen by point 3.2 in the Statute (read the UPFR Statute);
  4. Make proof through an official certificate that the applicant (legal person or freelancer) is registered at the Trade Register Office and that the applicant (legal person or freelancer) is in activity.

Steps for joining UPFR

  1. Submit your request to join UPFR and compile the document file
    Fill out the following documents:
    The Membership Request
    The Mandate Agreement for phonograms
  2. Prepare the membership files that shall include:
    The Repertoire in the format indicated and according to the methodology for declaring the catalogue, fixed on CD/DVD
    Repertoire declaration form
    The repertoire delivery-receipt protocol
    The Affidavit
    Proof of payment of the fee for joining UPFR as new member, amounting to 3,000 lei.
  3. UPFR checks the files submitted. If the file is incomplete or improperly compiled, we shall inform you with regard to the missing documents within 7 days from the submission.
  4. The Board of Directors shall make a decision for each applicant for membership. If Board of Directors Assembly decides that the applicant for membership cannot become a member of UPFR, then this decision shall be motivated, and on request, the process may be resumed.
  5. The adherence is followed by signing of the membership agreement and its registration at UPFR. Now you are an UPFR member. An original copy of the membership agreement shall be kept by UPFR for an undetermined period.

The membership fee is  900 lei/year, according to AGA Decision 15687/11.12.2020.

For Coproduction, the fees are:

In case that both producers are UPFR members, the fee is 450 de lei/year.

In case that one producer is not a UPFR member and one is member, the fee is 900 de lei/year.