Membership benefits

For the recording companies and licensees that carry out their activity on Romania’s territory, UPFR is the collecting society where you should declare your catalogue. Declaring the catalogue  represents an element that works in your benefit.
You can register your catalogue at UPFR regardless if you are a member or not of the Union of Phonograms Producers in Romania.


  • Distribution of the collected amounts from optional managed sources such as phonograms reproduction for public performance with background use, phononograms published with a commercial scope;
  • The right to vote in The General Meeting – you can contribute to decision making process about UPFR strategies, distribution criteria;
  • Free registration in ISRC database;
  • Representing interests abroad by collecting related rights from foreign collecting societies;
  • Complex detailed reporting and archiving of distribution reports (we create for each member a Dropbox kind archive for all distribution reports);
  • Including in our notifications system to update the repertoire – periodically we warn you to update your repertoire;
  • Periodical information (such as any legislative amendment of interest to producers, etc);
  • Sending warnings whenever another producer declares a track that belongs to you as being his;
  • Representing the interests and counseling according to the UPFR purpose of activity;
  • Representation and defense of rights by PR activities and by fight against piracy (due to mutual agreement between UPFR and AIMR);
  • A helpful and dedicated member service team, available 9 am – 5 pm every working day.