Submit your repertoire

     – Steps to follow –

    1. Download and complete the statement (click here)
    2. Download and fill the data into the excel spreadsheet (click here); For co-productions please use this excel file (click here)
    3. See the rules for completing the repertoire (click here)
    4. Upload the completed statement and repertoire file using the form on the left.

    We mention that the registration of the repertoire on the direct optical support at the UPFR headquarters remains valid for the producers who do not have access to the internet, both methods being accepted equally. We also inform you that you can declare the repertoire directly by email at as an alternative methode. Please attach the completed documents to the email (repertoire excel file and statement).

    If you submit your repertoire online, either using the form on the left or directly by e-mail, you can only send files smaller than 10 MB. If the files exceed 10 MB, we will provide an ftp account upon request.

    If you have any questions you can contact us by phone +40.725.525.862 or by email at Thank You!