Music enhances your business

Recorded music and music videos can benefit many businesses. Music provides added value to your business: a pleasant environment for customers, a strong reason to choose you instead of your direct competitors.

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We want you to find here useful information about the different types of UPFR licenses and how to apply for one, about our members and how to join UPFR, about the legal provisions for using recorded music and videos.

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The Union of Phonograms Producers in Romania grants different types of licenses to companies and freelancers to broadcast or play recorded music or videos in public.

Our mission

Our mission is to manage the recording companies' rights in order to maximize the earnings from the broadcast and public use of recorded music and videos, and distribute them to the right holders in the most efficient manner.

Do you play music?

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If you play music in public spaces as background or use music as indispensable tool in your business (club, radio, TV, online streaming, etc.), here you can find all the relevant information that may interest you. The Union of Phonogram Producers in Romania (UPFR) grants licenses for the non-exclusive use of music on Romania's territory.

Are you an UPFR member?

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UPFR is the collecting society covering copyright related rights owed to music producers in Romania. The Union grants licences and collects fees afferent to the use of music and correctly distributes remuneration to the rights holders that it represents.

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